Water Fasting

05 May, 2019 - 3 min read

Water fasting day 2. This is going to be the most prolonged water fast that I ever had before, I think, the longest that I had back was only 3 days. I am committed to doing 7 days this time around. I would like to see how my spirit lifts me up and carries my life without the outside help of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. I believe the most beneficial fasting period is 20 days, I don't specifically remember where this is number came from, but, I think, this is when your body gets thoroughly cleaned up. There is a weird feeling of high that you sense after being hungry for more than 24 hours, all your senses become super sharp. You can feel people energy while they are talking much stronger than before, all their mood swings and their thoughts and how they are getting distracted by them while talking to you. Why am I doing this? Well, for health benefits, but mainly for my meditation sit that I am going to have on May 15. It's going to be a short retreat this time. Some of the things that I need to do is cleanse my body, cleanse my mind by meditating. Another thing, I need to set intentions, not expectations, but rather clear questions that I want to be answered during my sit. I still don't feel really really hungry, only when I am reading something about food, my brain pictures it so vividly and my mouth starts to salivate, the physical reflex system is in the play. In terms of my energy, I don't really feel low on energy or tired, I just have the usual feel, nothing really extraordinary. Some people are afraid if you don't eat food you will stumble and faint and stop functioning correctly, which honestly is just some conditioning that society brought up to us. Back in ancient days when humans didn't have an abundance of food, people were generally hungry most of the time. Now in our civilized world, we have so much food, it is a pity to see how it gets wasted so much. Human organism doesn't need much food to sustain life. However, we still feel that we need to eat so much because our brains didn't evolve to our modern technology and modern society. By fasting these 7 days, I want to stop consuming, and I want to take my small steps to start producing.