Talk to Shiva

30 April, 2019 - 2 min read

Shivaaa, Shiva, I whisper in my head. No answer, complete silence. Then my mind starts boiling with new thoughts. I got distracted, I am thinking to myself. Shiva came back to me: "What is it that you want, Greg?". I actually forgot the question that I wanted to ask. Then Shiva disappeared once again to continue creating our Universe. So it feels like people gave these deities human qualities, where in the reality it is just energy, humans who went really deep to explore their inner consciousness didn't know how to name this subtle energy from the other side of Universe. So they came up with all these different names, I am sure I have met Shiva, I just don't how to explain this energy in ordinary words and he was still dancing. Oh dancing Shiva, how impeccable your dance is. I need to go and explore other sides of our galaxy, I thought to myself. My body, my physical body disintegrates itself into parts, into molecules, into small atoms, into particles and here I am... I am just that wavicle I exist when discriminatory mind start thinking and I disappear when I hold my seeds of thoughts. A seed of thought is like that edge of the infinite fractal image that grows into the large picture and you try to zoom in to see this image closer and closer and the image just repeats itself the infinite amount of times. Hold the thought and you will trick the Universe about existence, let it go and continue your rebirth process. Reincarnation, rebirth, not just to the next life, but to the next moment, you get reborn every moment in this realm, but the frequency of the image is so rapid, that material seems solid and a picture comes as real. Hey, Shiva Shivaa, now I remember the question... "What is it, Greg?"