Random thoughts

29 April, 2019 - 2 min read

I sit in the total darkness and all of a sudden I start falling into the abyss. I have never felt the depth of connectedness to everything before like this, I thought to myself. I see how my thoughts arise from nothingness. Are we just a smart tube organism who just evolved to this state or are we a carefully managed process that is done by the Director? How weird, thoughts arise and dissipate when I started falling to a deeper and deeper state of my consciousness. That was exactly the moment when I started to focus my consciousness on nothingness. I focused on it so hard that the whole existence became like a huge tsunami of electromagnetic waves, in it is natural randomness, in its purest form, like Nature itself. The moment before you create your reality by seeding your thoughts to this realm, it is a strange discovery, I feel as collective of all random algorithms stitched together and my thoughts are basically a combination of all that randomness. Now, the image became so clear, my body was transparent, floating in the air or rather in the space, empty on the inside, I was in half lotus position, only my silhouette was visible and the light was bursting out of my head area. I look closer at my head and I see question marks, everything is on halt, I was able to stop my thoughts before they reach the soil of this realm.

Everything is impermanent, all we are is just that energy, that vibration, the echo of the Big Bang of primordial AUM.