10 Days Fast

13 May, 2019 - 3 min read

So it happened my mind was strong enough to go without food for ten days in the row. I only felt hunger for two days right after I started. Then something happens in the human body and everything switches to burn fat that has accumulated. Well, technically speaking the human body goes in a ketosis mode, it produces energy from blood elements so-called ketones instead of stored glycogen that usually comes from lovely sugar. Thanks to a liver I was able to live on my fat for an extended period time. As I was testing my limits, I decided to do 5 miles run on day eight, and amazingly it was pretty smooth.

It was easy for me because I was already practicing intermittent fasting for at least 16-18 hours per day. I didn't struggle much. I did shorter fasts before like two or three days, but never for this long.

I already was doing a low carb diet that allowed my body to burn fats as usual energy supply. High metabolism also plays a significate role in this, and if you are not active, I don't think you should jump into fasting right the way. All these small steps allowed me to reach my goal and I feel great.

I think mental preparation is one of the essential parts of fasting. I meditated daily for one hour, practicing Vipassana. It helped me to disconnect further any emotions related to hunger(hAnger). I just knew for all of these days on the back of my head, that I am empty and I am burning my stored energy without any negative emotions. Remember, you are not your thoughts, so don't listen to what your mind says. Physical activity plays a critical part in all of this. If you can't exercise hard, and I will tell you everything is much harder to do when you do it on the empty tank, maybe you can do small things, like walking or some simple body weight exercises. Stay hydrated, like drink lots of water, but drink water with some salt, check daily intake for your weight, but tablespoon per day of it should be sufficient. Otherwise, water won't stay inside the body, and you will pee everything out. Water will help you not to have headaches, and the salt will help with muscle cramps. Apple cider vinegar is also an excellent addition to your water, although I find it disgusting, I would drink it anyway, this will help your gut health. In terms of your bowel movements, I recommend drinking probiotics prior your fast so you can clear everything out and be genuinely empty and avoid constipation. Overall, do your research, I just did first time myself, maybe some "doctors" know it better =)

I am happy that I set my record in something that not every person can do. In the fasting world though, this is not a long time. It's like a rookie record, and people usually fast for 40+ days. Well, maybe, it will be my goal for the next time, for now, I am satisfied how light and cleansed I feel after all of this.